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Private Session

If it's your first time taking a private lesson from me I'll design you an unique course and just study your handling and how far you've both come to know what we should work on. Unless there is something specific you want to work on such as distance handling, weaves entries, jumping technique and so on. In my agility training I focus a lot on independence. And by that I don't mean that the dog has to be 20 meters away from the handler and do advanced techniques on it's own. I just want you to show your dog what it's supposed to do at the next and next obstacle way before it ever gets there so you can leave your dog as soon as he knows what he's supposed to do and let him do it on his own and then catch up to you who've already shown him what to do for the next obstacle and so on.

This sort of independence gives your agility run a nice flow which is what separates a good run from a winning run. A slower dog with great fluency and independence easily win over a fast dog who doesn't know what to do half of the course. I also focus quite a bit on foundations since they are the building bricks for your future agility. There's no need to run courses if your dog can't turn tight for example. One thing at a time


☆ Private Training no matter how many teams                         700 kr/ h 

100 kr is approx. 10 €
1000 kr is approx. 100 €

What's included

During summer time all agility private sessions, seminars and such will be held at Haninge Brukshundklubb in Jordbro, Haninge, just south of Stockholm unless otherwise is specified. The rent for the agility field and my gas milage is included in the prices given above during summertime. During summertime the course will be ready when your time starts so we get to use your time completely.

During winter time, which can be quite a long time in Sweden, you have to book an indoor arena yourself and then book me and I'll come to you. It is not included in my prices for private sessions. A tip is that Stockholms Hundsportcentrum (Stockholm's dog sports centre) has prices depending on how many teams will be training per hour during day time and weekends, which will get you a much better price if you want a private session or a session for 2-3 teamsMy gas milage is included in the prices however.