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private training online

If you don't live in Sweden, or you do but since Sweden is such a long country you are 15 hours away from me here in Stockholm anyway it's not easy to get to train for the one you want to. Which is why I've now adapted to the growing trend of online training and seminars. You book one provate session at a time and notify me what you want to focus on: independence, weave entries, running contacts, puppy foundations, ground work and so on. You receive an individualized course design and practice two times with feedback both times. 

How it works:
1. you receive an individualized course design 
2. you practice and film both the good and the less good parts
3. you submit the video for feedback
4. you practice again with the feedback in mind
5. you receive more feedback on your training


Practice what you need to, when you can
500 sek/ online private session
(approx. 45 €)

You will need:
access to an agility field with all the obstacles
something to film with, like your mobile phone
a Facebook account (you will be invited to a secret group on Facebook consisting of just us two)

You will get:
 at least one specialized course design
feedback on everything you post or any question you may have
 forever access to the feedback, videos and discussions in the forum

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