running contacts online


♥  Seminar starts when you want it to
♥  New lesson every 3 rd week
♥  4 lessons
♥  For dogs from 10 months old
♥  Choose Swedish or English

1 600 kr with feedback (about 155€ or
800 kr for four video lessons (about 22 min footage) without feedback

Here we teach our dogs Running Contacts from their first step until a complete behaviour has developed. We will work without any aids such as hoops, targets, tunnels or such and will only ask them to use their brain and figure out what we are looking for. We will learn to see what type of behaviour we are looking for in our dog, what to reward more and what to reward less as well as what we do not reward at all. Vi will learn how, when and where to rewardm which distances are preferable in front of and after the dog walk, when it's time to go to the next level and challenge our dog more. We learn what we ourselves need to do to support our dogs development in their runnings and how we can invite them to do the correct behaviour. We do not work on turns during this seminar but rather focus on getting our dog used to their new behaviour they so rarely develop without help and can then move forward with the sharper turns when they have an understanding of what we expect of them

The teams shown in these videos are teams who have done seminars in RC for me before and have approved to being in these videos. Alvin's RC journey is also shown in the videos but I felt it was important to show as many different dogs as possible and not just one or two of my own ☺

You Need
♥  access to a dog walk, preferably one you can lower down
♥  a treat machine is preferable
♥  something to film your videos with
♥  a Facebook profile
♥  an editing program

You Will Get
♥  4 video lessons between 4:30 and 6 minutes long
♥  feedback on every training video you post
♥  feedback at least every monday, usually the same day

Another alternative would be to do a so called Self Study where you only buy the video lessons and train when it suits you without the need to film and edit your training and send them for feedback. You will download the videos to your computer or mobile phone and hence have them as long as you want them.

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