ONLINE seminars

My online seminars are rarely done in the traditional way with a group seminar and everyone can see eachothers videos, but rather in private seminars or self studies where you get all the material and can do the seminar whenever you want and keeping track of your own development. In a private seminar you will receive feedback in a group on Facebook only you and I can see and are a part of while a self study is without feedback, choose what fits you best both mentally and what best suits your schedule, perhaps you don't have thetime to film and edit your trainings? In a private seminar you will upload your training videos in our group, and they have to be edited so there is no dull time in between exercises , so if you feel that's too much then a self study might suit you better ☺

Here are the online seminars I offer, feel free to click on them and check them out a bit more:


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