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private training online

If you don't live in Sweden, or you do but since Sweden is such a long country you are 15 hours away from me here in Stockholm anyway it's not easy to get to train for the one you want to. Which is why I've now adapted to the growing trend of online training and seminars. When you book private seminars with me online you get to practice what you want, when you want. You sign up for 1 month at a time and get two video lessons during this time (with one or multible lessons in it) where I show you what I mean as well as explain what I want you to do. You get the course map if there is one and you can submit however many videos of you practicing this as you want to during this month. I will give you feedback on everything you post and answer any questions you may have. 

You will need:
- access to an agility field with all the obstacles (your own or your local club's perhaps)
- something to film with, like your mobile phone
- a Facebook account (you will be invited to a secret group on Facebook consisting of just us two)

You will get:
- two video lessons adjusted to you and your dog, with multible small lessons in it
- unlimited feedback on everything you post or any question you may have
- 1 month access to my feedback

The cost is 1 200 sek per month (approx. 120 euros) and you can pay via the Swedish payment app Swish or via bank transfer where you get an invoice from me to your email

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