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coach groups spring/summer

At Haninge BK just south of Stockholm
Grade 1/2 group   
Grade 2/3 group   FULL
Maximum 5 teams per group
2 500 kr per team

if you live in Sweden and speak English this is for you. The seminars will be in Swedish but I'll of course speak English with you and the others will probably jump on board ☺

A coaching group consists of 5 teams on the same level. We'll meet 4 times for practice and you're given home work in between the sessions. We'll form a group on Facebook where you can ask questions, discuss and upload your training videos on the home work and I'll review all of them. You can see which dates the training sessions are up above even if it's in Swedish. The first one is for Grade 1/2 and the second one for Grade 2/3. A coaching group is meant to push and support eachother while evolving their agility, but first and foremost we're gonna have fun and enjoy our time together

running contact seminar

© Therese Hübner

2 spots left
Friday May 31st at 17-19
Sunday June 23rd at 10-12
Friday July 12th at 17-19
Friday August 2nd at 17-19
Friday August 23rd at 17-19

Sunday 3rd of march differs in time an weekday

5 occasions
at Haninge BK
Maximum 7 teams
Dog at least 10 months old
2 000 kr

We teach the dog RC from the ground up, from the first step on the dog walk to perhaps a fully formed RC or at least a good bit on the way towards excellent RC after this course. We use my method which utilizes no outside help from a target mat, bumps, bows for the dog to run under or any such things, just the handler, the dog and the wonders of the brain ☺

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